Ever wanted to create your own sport?

Sports Creation Contest

For the first time ever in Europe, we have launched a sports creation contest! As the title suggests, individually or in teams you have a chance to create your very own sport. During the competition, you will need to create detailed description of the key rules for the sport and shoot a video depicting how it is played.

Precious Prizes

Winners of the contest (decided by public voting) will get a special opportunity to present the sport during a “Train with Brain” sports camp for youth in Summer, 2017 in Lithuania! Of course, they’ll get precious prizes from our sponsors as well. Applicants from all over Europe are welcome; thus, don’t hesitate and apply now!
  • Registration of teams

  • Step 1: Sports creation

    until 1-April-2017
  • Step 2: Video creation

    until 1-May-2017
  • Selecting the winner

    until 7-May-2017
  • Winner announced


Key rules for participants:

  • Participants: individuals or teams of up to 4
  • Application language: English
  • Step 1: sport’s description shall be up to 3 pages long (or 15 slides)
  • Step 2: video should represent the essence of the game in max 3 minutes
  • The created sport cannot be aggressive and enact physical traumas
  • Otherwise, the sport is up to your imagination! 

Inspiration from kids:

Register Now!

Further guidelines & official form for filling will be sent to the registered teams.